We use to emphasize that since 1960 our whole shoe manufacturing process is carried out in the factories that belong to PieSanto® in Elche of Spain. This guarantees: quality products and fluency in customer service. All this helps our country in the development of the technological and industrial field. Read more

PieSanto is leader in comfortable shoes because we look after your feet.You have probably heard the proverb “Health starts with the feet”. Healthy feet allow us to move around and do our every day jobs whether it be at work or leisure. A person’s quality of life varies according to the health of their feet, so this is why at PieSanto we treat it so importantly.

Don’t ever stop walking, dancing or travelling …like everything in life we take things for granted and don’t realize until we can no longer do the things we used to.

Size Guide

CMEU SizeUS Size
20,6 - 21,2333
21,3 - 21,8343.5 - 4
21,9 - 22,5354.5
22,6 - 23,2365 - 5.5
23,3 - 23,8376 - 6.5
23,9 - 24,5387
24,6 - 25,1397.5 - 8
25,2 - 25,8408.5
25,9 - 26,5419 - 9.5
26,6 - 27,24210
27,3 - 27,84310.5 - 11
27,9 - 28,54411.5 - 12
28,6 - 29,14512.5

*** In case you are regular consumer of special width shoes, this one would probably be the best reference to know which shoes size we should acquire.
*** In case you are not regular consumer of special width shoes, please take into account that we use wide lasts to produce our PieSanto shoes. Therefore, if your feet are thin, you would probably need a smaller size than the usual you are used to wearing, specially if you acquire models with our Dual Removable Insole System® (two removable insoles).
*** Some of our models include DUAL COMFORT technology which allows graduating the shoe width to your feet. In someway, you can transform your Piesanto shoe into a wider or narrower one in order to adapt it to your feet, accurately. In case you use to wear podiatrist insoles, this system will allow you to fix them to PieSanto shoes. Please, take into account that you should always use the same insole combination in both feet in order not to create imbalance.

It would be advisable to wear the shoes a bit wider. You should never wear and feel them too tight.
The TOOL below should be considered as a GUIDE. By considering the following recommendations, the measure will be more accurate:

  1. Put a sheet of paper on the floor, close to the wall. If possible, fix it with a sticker to avoid any movement.
  2. Then, put your foot on the sheet, with your heel close to the wall.
  3. Use a pencil to draw a mark just at the end of your longer finger.
  4. Measure the distance to the mark, in order to know the length of your foot accurately.
  5. In case you want to acquire a sandal, make this measurement barefoot.
  6. In case you want to acquire an enclosed shoe, please wear socks in the measurement.
  7. Distribute your weight equally in both feet during the measurement.


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