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“This is the story of a chance & a meeting between creation, the search for freedom and a shoe store acquired by a combination of circumstances. Read more

The Origins
Created in 2004 in the north of France, Laura Vita is an alliance of two names.

Laura: inspired by the Latin word “laurus”, translated as “laurel” and carries a meaning of glory, victory and by extension, joy.

Vita: from the Latin “vita”, means life.

The Project & Creation Methodology
The thirst for pure creativity, the quest for freedom and comfort compatible with an active woman’s life in a spirit far removed from trends.

The very discreet designer, a doctor of medicine and a doctor of biology, founded the brand with the aim of giving modern women a footwear product that is beautiful, different and comfortable. Perhaps due to a lack of academic styling training, or a design methodology based on the foundations of research, the products were increasingly distinguished by their unique appearance and colors. Soon, the eclectic style, sometimes crazy, sometimes romantic, became established.

Today, closer to the reality of everyday life and still imbued with a unique strength of character, Laura Vita products are dedicated to giving women a way to fully express their personality; disregarding conventions and preconceived ideas.

Laura vita

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