Ara is a brand that always fits – yesterday, today and tomorrow

In the past shoes were worn for practicality. Today they are worn for passion – as well as comfort and function. If you understand this, and your customers, you know what they’ll be wearing next season. We understand it and our people are passionate about designing shoes that are perfect for our customers in terms of fit, fashionability and functionality – and also meet quality requirements. Read more

Quality is particularly important to us and it is why ara has evolved into a firmly established global shoe brand with a special place in many customers’ shoe cabinets.

Fashion – not just shoes

We develop shoes that are modern and timeless. Shoes that are part of an entire look – designed to coordinate with clothes and accessories. We offer collections that meet all style preferences, models with clever details and even the matching handbags. What’s more, we advise our customers on how to combine them in fashion outfits to achieve the perfect look.

Feel-good factor – not fashion fad

We think in terms of comfort so that all kinds of feet can follow the latest fashions and still feel great. Our special footbeds are a great example of our philosophy. They show that we know and understand our customers. And, as trends come and go, we remain faithful to our focus on comfort. Just like our customers are faithful to us.


Based in Langenfeld, Germany, we are a company with more than 2,700 employees in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling shoes all over the world. For more than 70 years, we have been a family-owned business. Responsibility is an important aspect of our company policy – responsibility for the environment in the material procurement and production processes, and responsibility towards our employees, suppliers and their families. Responsibility towards our retail partners and customers is particularly important since they are the most important links in our distribution chain. Responsibility is also the reason why we regularly have our products quality tested by independent institutes. We want our customers to say that our quality is a “good fit” for them, too.