About us

Our relation with the anatomic shoes began 8 years ago in a little pharmacy. The result was amazing because our clients were very satisfied and actually their problems were improved. People who were unable to walk even 100 meters, people who have visited orthopedic doctors many times, taking pain killers all the time or young people with prolonged standing at work, were finally free to enjoy walking, running and be productive and happy at their jobs.
All these years we got a lot of experience, we loved this section and we made many trips visiting the biggest exhibitions in Europe (Milan, Berlin, etc.), so as to find the finest shoes of this kind for our clients.
Now we have two stores with European fashion anatomic shoes and through fanatomics.com we want to share our love for these shoes with everyone around the world who seeks high quality, fashion design combined with the best scientific research on foot health.
Join our club, become one more Fanatomic and you won’t regret it.
We try to do the best for you every day!!!!!!!

Find us to [email protected]